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    打錯了的電話 卻鼓勵對了人

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    42 Wrong Number


    Oh no, Martha needs even more surgery? My father questioned after hearing from the staff in the synagogue's office. My father is a rabbi and Martha is a friend to many in the office.


    Furthermore, the physician told Martha that he wanted to wait a few months for the next surgery. Therefore, my father asked his secretary to find Martha's home number so he could call and say a prayer for her.


    And that is exactly what happened. Every week my father would call Martha and get a "generic " answering-machine message. He would say the same prayer: "Be strong and always have courage." My father never heard back from Martha. But he hoped she was resting easily with his prayers.


    One week, my father called, and again he received the same generic answering-machine message. However, instead of saying the same prayer,my father, for some reason, decided on another scriptural prayer: "Whenever I have problems, I call unto God and He answers me." Again, my father received no immediate response from Martha. But this time my father added one more sentence: "If you can call me, please call," and he included his phone number.

    在某一周,爸爸打了電話,結果又聽到了那條相同的通用答錄機留言。然而出于某種原因,爸爸沒有重復之前的祈禱詞,而是決定用圣經中的另一句祈禱詞:“無論何時遇到問題,我都會向上帝祈禱, 他會給我答案。”同樣,爸爸并沒有即刻收到馬莎的答復。但這次爸爸又加了一句“如果可以的話,請給我回電”,并留下了自己的電話號碼。

    Two weeks later, my father received a "unique" phone call. "Rabbi Segal, you have no idea who I am, but every week for over a month you've called and left the same prayer for me on my answering-machine. I truly appreciated it very much as my neck and shoulders have been hurting me for so long. I never called you back until today because you never left your number. However, your second scriptural blessing, 'Whenever I have problems, I call unto God and He answers me', left an impression on me, causing me to drop to my knees, turn to God, and emotionally say, 'God, I need Your help.' Surprisingly, after a few minutes, I felt that I 'heard' a response from the Lord and He told me, 'Go to another Doctor.'"

    兩周以后,爸爸接到了一個“不同尋常的”電話。“西格爾拉比,您并不知道我是誰。但一個多月以來,您每周都給我打電話,還在答錄機里為我留下相同的祈禱詞。對此我真的很感激,因為我的脖子和肩膀已經疼了很長時間。我直到今天才給您回電話,是因為您從來沒有留下過電話號碼。然而,您的第二條祈禱詞‘無論何時遇到問題,我都會向上帝祈禱,他會給我答案’給我留下了印象。所以我跪下來, 向上帝求助,虔誠地說,‘上帝啊,我需要您的幫助’。神奇的是,幾分鐘后,我感覺我‘聽’到了主的圣音,他對我說,‘換一個醫生吧。’”

    Rabbi, I just got back from the new physician. Hearing my issues and my medications he calmly explained that I was taking the wrong medication and gave me the correct one. Miraculously, my pain is gone. Without your phone message, I would still be in miserable pain. God bless you!


    My father obviously had been calling the wrong number ... Sorry, Martha.


    I smiled as I imagined my father thinking, "Was it really a wrong phone number?" I guess one will never truly know!


    (By Michael Jordan Segal)

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