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    How You Hold Your Phone Helps Merchants Uncover Fraud


    Smartphones make it easier than ever to buy on the fly, but how do online stores know it's really you making those purchases?One of the challenges that online retailers, merchants and especially in the financial community have with online is the fact that you're not actually seeing that individual in real life. Don Duncan, NuData security says, patterns in our digital behavior can help online companies determine whether it's really us logging in or someone with stolen credentials. Looking at things such as when I enter information into the application, do I long press, short press?Do I use portrait or landscape? How do I hold the device in terms of proximity? These so-called passive biometrics can provide a more nuanced nap shot of customers.

    智能手機讓我們買東西比以往任何時候都更容易,但網店怎么知道是真的你在購買這些東西呢?在線零售商、商家特別是金融界的在線商家面臨這樣一個挑戰,就是你在現實生活中并不能看到真的這個人。NuData安全員Don Duncan表示,我們的數字行為模式可以幫助在線公司確定是我們本人在登錄還是騙子在登陸。看看我在應用程序中輸入信息時,我是長按還是短按?我是用肖像還是風景?我拿手機時與手機保持多大距離?這些所謂的被動生物識別技術可以提供客戶更細致的信息。

    Using technology that's already built into mobile devices like accelerometers and GPS. Geographic location is really the starting point to identify, you know, where is that user? Where is the device connecting from? Unlike passwords or fingerprints which have to be physically entered, passive biometrics were behind the scenes while users interact as they normally would. We have a few lines of code inside the web or mobile application and all that does is provide us information from the device, we process it and return that intelligence back to the web, mobile application. Even factors like typing speed or the angle at which a phone is held can become authentication tools. And in the age of major data breaches, passive biometrics could mean merchants no longer have to rely solely on logins and passwords. NuData is owned by MasterCard which has already implemented the technology for its merchants. By not having a single data point for that validation, it allowed us to provide risk or intelligence to the online brand. For users, a more secure online experience could be right at their fingertips.


    Tina Trinh VOA News, New York

    VOA記者Tina Trinh紐約報道。

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